Student Affairs

Mission Statement

The office of Student Affairs provides leadership opportunities and practical learning experiences beyond the classroom.  Student Affairs Provides "hands on" experiences which compliment student's educational, personal and professional goals, thus enhancing student success.  Through a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Student Affairs offers meaningful opportunities for campus and community involvement, recognition of student achievement and a variety of specialized services of benefit to the campus community.  Additionally, Student Affairs is a major catalyst of college information and direction regarding procedures and events.

Important Things to Know  About Student Affairs:

Oversees, directs,advises, and signs off all Associated students & Club/Organization's financial activities, brochures, purchase requisitions, etc.  Receives and distributes all A.S. and Club/Organization mail.

Processes A.S. & Club/Organization scheduling (including preliminary verification of availability of requested facilities), provides and explains all necessary forms, and assists departments with event planning.  Forms include: Booth Permits, Distribution of Printed Materials, Master Calendar Requests, Fire Permits, Health Permits, First Right of Refusal, Performance Contracts, Contractor Agreements, and FC Marketplace Vendors.

Approves all Campus Publicity and location designation.

Oversees the planning and implementation of activities related to Commencement, A.S., I.C.C., and Men & Women of Distinction Awards Program.

Directs student leadership opportunities, verifies eligibility for Associated Students (A.S.), Inter-Club Council (I.C.C.),  Club/Organization officers, and advises Faculty/Classified sponsors. 


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More Info:

Club & Orgs (PDF)


Bring printed Schedule Bill for Student IDs and other on-campus services.

Arrive early because student parking is a challenge!

Purchase ALL distcount tickets at Student Affairs (223) with OR without A.S. Benefits!